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Terms & conditions

Please read the below terms and conditions of Archontiko Villas. Please note that all information provided by yourself, is totally secure and will not be shared with any third party company.
  1. By making a reservation with Archontiko Villas, you enter into a legally binding contractual relationship with our hotel.
  2. We will not disclose any information to any other third party. All information provided is for the direct and only use of Archontiko Villas. This includes names, address, email address, credit card details or any other information that may be required for your booking.
  3. All credit card information is held in a secure location and will not be released for any reason. After your departure, all information relating to your credit card will be destroyed.
  4. Archontiko Villas will charge you any additional charge for using your credit card for banking fees (3%).
  5. We will not take any monies from your credit card without prior consent from yourselves by email or phone.
  6. The prices that are quoted are secure when a confirmation booking has been made and no additional charges will be added. A list of what is included will be noted on the email. For special offers, you will be notified in your quotation email of the expiry date of these offers as in the case of early booking and last minute offers. Please also note that quotations that are not assigned to special offers are valid for 3 months only, where a new quotation is needed in order to secure and confirm the booking.
  7. The prices on our website or given by a quotation via email or phone includes all taxes, charges and other amenities (which will be noted on the email or by conversation). There are also many amenities and extra’s which we offer free of charge such as free wireless internet access. In the case of problems with these extra amenities which we offer free of charge, the hotel will do everything in it’s power to restore all function as soon as possible. Guests will not be liabable for any discounts or refunds should these free extra’s become unavailable during their stay.
  8. All bookings are only provisionally made until a security deposit of 30% of the total amount is paid and received by Archontiko Villas. Booking deposits are required to be paid within 7 working days of the provisional booking being confirmed. Security Deposits can be paid by credit card, direct lodgement into our bank account or by the secure payment of Paypal. On receipt of the deposit payment, you will receive a confirmation email from Archontiko Villas to confirm your booking. A Security deposit payment may be delayed if agreed prior to booking with Archontiko Villas. Archontiko Villas has the right to re-sell the room if the 7 working days elapse and if no contact has been made with Archontiko Villas. The balance of the payment (70%) must be paid the day of arrival at Archontiko Villas.
By making a reservation with Archontiko Villas, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions of our hotel. For all bookings, a security deposit of 30% of the total amount must be sent and received by the hotel. In the cases of Early Booking Discounts, Late Booking Discounts and Special Offers, this security deposit is non refundable. Excluding Early Booking, Late Booking, Special Offers, the cancellation Policy is noted below:
a. If cancelled, before 60 days before arrival, 50% refund will be given of the monies paid (excludes early booking, late booking and special offers which will be noted in your email). This is to cover any charges (as in the case of bank charges) incurred by the hotel.
b. If cancelled, between 30 – 60 days before arrival, 30% refund will be given of the monies paid (excludes early booking, late booking and special offers which will be noted in your email). This cost is to cover any charges (as in the case of bank charges) incurred by the hotel.
c. If cancelled less than 30 days before arrival the total amount (security deposit) will not be refunded.
d. In the case of no show or early departure, 100% of the total cost will be charged to your credit card.
Slight Negligence:
Archontiko Villas will accept small damages to our property incurred due to slight negligence as in the breaking of low value items. In the case of high value items (over € 50) the renter is responsible for the full cost and must pay Archontiko Villas for same immediately. In the case of consistant damages due to slight negligence, the renter is responsible for all costs to re-instate the property to the original state and must pay immediately.
Contributory Negligence:
In the case of contributory negligence, the renter is responsible for the full costs incurred and must pay immediately for all costs incurred to the property or to other guests.
Gross negligence:
Archontiko Villas thrives to have their guests safety and welfare at bay. If it is deemed that any renter can or has been accused of gross negligence or are performing acts which may be deemed as contributory negligence even after been warned, they will be asked to leave Archontiko Villas immediately and pay in full the amount of their full stay plus any damages incurred to the property or other guests. For all of the above and in extreme cases an officer of the law may be called for the situation.
By booking with Archontiko Villas or by asking for a quotation, you are agreeing to receive an email for any further special offers that we may be offering at Archontiko Villas in the future. If you no longer wish to receive these emails, please send an email to and we will cease sending special offer emails immediately. We are a Greek company, so therefore we abide by the laws and courts of only Greece. Any disputes that arise from our general terms and conditions or our services in Archontiko Villas will be submitted only to the Courts of Greece for evaluation.

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